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We Help Organizations Create Valued Workplaces

What makes us unique?

Our framework and conversation tools are all based on how you can optimize the mental wellbeing of your team through the latest scientific research on how our brains are wired 

Start leveraging your organization's GREATEST ASSET-

the health of your employees

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A Valued Workplace doesn't just happen.
It requires planning & action

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Kami Norland MA, ATR is the CEO & founder who advises organizations on how to create a supportive, innovative, & resilient workplace.

Kami has stood on many international stages delivering thoughtful keynote presentations, & facilitating workshops that are uplifting, insightful, & affirming. Kami is recognized as a thought leader based on her career of working in healthcare at the local, state, & national levels from direct care to trusted advisor. Audiences love how she weaves the latest scientific research into relatable stories & practical tips that help individuals strengthen their understanding of what it means to lead with courage & compassion.



Olaf Kuhlke, PhD is an educator, trainer & advocate for healthy workplaces.

Olaf's dedication for designing healthier workplace cultures stems from his international experience researching & teaching entrepreneurship in remote regions of the world, as well as his own experiences with burnout & stress. As a result, he explored pathways towards better health & communication in the workplace. 


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