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Keynotes & Workshops

We work with you to customize our workshops (1 hour to 1 day) to meet the goals and outcomes identified by your team and partner organizations. Program formats include:
- Conference keynotes & all-staff gatherings
- Open enrollment sessions
- Team off sites, retreats, & workshops

You'll get an interactive presentation or guided facilitation that applies the science of compassion and wellbeing with human-centered leadership and workplace culture transformation. The concepts of how our brains are wired for either stress or compassion are explored experientially. 

We will provide you with an engaging experience infused with vitality and authenticity. These dynamic sessions are characterized by a fusion of cutting-edge scientific research, relatable stories, and actionable tips to reshape workplace experiences that embolden participants to reframe, rediscover, and redesign their quality of life and workplace experiences.  

Integrative Re-Sources has been capturing audiences with uplifting narratives and transformative insights since 2015.


"I never expected to gain such personal insights during a workshop. The conversation felt close to sacred as my team united in defining what it means to belong (at the office)."

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